modern family coach certificateMy name is Sharon Fekete & I am a Step-Family Certified Coach in Clearwater FL. I have been diligently working together with today’s MODERN families to overcome the trials & tribulations that come with the Blended Family.

I was trained and mentored by Jeanette Lofas M.D., in New York City. I am a Stepmother of an nine year old child and currently identifying w/today’s MODERN family. My objective is to work towards a solution with families struggling in their ‘new’ family unit.

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About Sharon

sharon fekete certified coachThank you for taking the time to consider me as your Step-Family Coach. I’d love the opportunity to work with you. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable when we speak, so I don’t mind taking the time for an informal initial conversation.

I am a certified Step-Family Coach, trained in New York @ the Step-Family Foundation by Jeannette Lofas, M.D. In addition, I am an Administrator for a large Pediatric Practice for the past 8years. I am currently married and a proud Step-Mom of a wonderful ten year old boy.

I felt all of the same feelings you currently feel and wanted to ensure I would become the point of reference with others in need. I never could have imagined that being a Stepmother would require so much patience, self-esteem, security, and WORK! I have researched this MODERN family dynamic for the last six years and now I enrich my soul by helping others. There is a clear need for identification when you encroach upon this unknown world of STEP. I have never known a word such as “STEP” to have so many negative connotations attached to it as I do now. It will be a life journey of helping others to forge ahead and begin to ease the negative stigma affiliated with this new MODERN FAMILY. I have secured my own peace in this sometimes rocky family dynamic. I have waited to pass on my knowledge to you until I found the strength within my own life. My hope is to pass on what I’ve learned so you too can feel the peace I have come to know.

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Sharon Fekete

What Is Coaching?

How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

how coaching worksI tailor my approach to your individual needs and goals. Sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment.

Individual coaching takes place in my office in Clearwater. Individual sessions are optimal when they are held two times a month. I’ve found that these frequencies allow us to properly track and support the realization of your plans.

We will customize our plan of action together and tweak it as we move forward.

How Long Is the Process?

Some clients make coaching an integral part of their life. But perhaps right now you are only seeking help for a specific situation. That’s fine. I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions to ensure a proper course of action.

Myths About Step-Family Life

  • The Step-Family will operate just like the original family.
  • “It’ll be like the old family, only better. We’ll be one big happy family, we know what we did wrong.”
  • “Love me, love my children”
  • “Now I have a partner who REALLY loves me”
  • “My kids will finally have a REAL father/mother”
  • “I get along great with the kids, I’m looking forward to it.”
  • “My kids will love my partner because he/she makes me so happy.”
  • “It’ll all work out, it just takes time.”
  • “We’ll share everything.”
  • “We’ll go slow in the beginning, don’t move too quickly, we’ll play it by ear.”
  • “We don’t need to plan, we know what we’re doing, THIS time.”


Helpful Resources

Step-Family Book for Dummies
Here is an introduction to the world of the Modern Step-Family by Jeannette Lofas, M.D. This book is meant to be humorous with some factual information… we get to remember to have a sense of humor.

On-line resources

The Step-Family Foundation:

Recommended Literature

  • LIVING IN STEP, by Jeannette Lofas & Ruth Roosevelt
  • STEP PARENTING, by Jeanette Lofas
  • FAMILY RULES, by Jeanette Lofas

Contact Information

I can be reached via telephone Monday-Friday from 3pm - 6pm. I am available on Saturdays & Sundays from 10am-1pm.
You can contact me via email 24hrs/day & I will respond as soon as I can. - Mrs. Sharon Fekete 727 420-2481
If I can help you with a short answer, just use this e-mail form: